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1. Gradient Backgrounds


I was thinking that there could be backgrounds that are gradients of 2 different colors. Ex: Red on top, green on bottom.


2. More types of backgrounds


From the previews for TRT (the ones from like 2 years ago) I saw some levels had vertical gradient backgrounds and circular gradient backgrounds. Are these both available in the final version? If not they should be, along with the 2 color idea for gradient bg's.


3. Gravity Strength Controller


This would be an object or something that would change how strong gravity is mid-level. It would be changeable from 2x to 0.5x.


4. Block Merging


This has been suggested before but IMO it is a good idea. By "merging" I mean that the outlines of blocks would connect to eachother.


5. Changing Outline Colors


This would allow us to change the outlines of blocks, spiks and maybe forcefields if they have any color in them.



That's pretty much it.

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