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What to Do - Making Decisions

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Proverbs 19:8 tells us "Those who get wisdom do themselves a favor,  http://numerologist    and those who love learning will succeed."  
At first, when looking at this Proverbs verse, one can assume that you can learn everything by going to school, getting the right mentor, etc... However, when we dive deeper into it, we get the real meaning.
In the world we live in, wisdom is most important. In various locations throughout the Bible, it's mentioned that wisdom is above gold and silver and is priceless. Before wanting material wealth, or anything else for that matter, we are to search after wisdom.
So what is wisdom, exactly, and how do we acquire such a thing? Well, wisdom starts with the fear of the Lord. Fearing God is not a scary thing. It's the beginning of freedom actually. To "fear" God is to want to do HIS WILL instead of mine and love my neighbor as I love myself. Yes, easier said than done but realize, it doesn't have anything to do with fear in the sense that we are used to. We need to not think of this type of fear as being afraid God will strike us down with a lightning bolt if we do something wrong. That's not the case.




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