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Best Cardio Exercise: Jumping Rope to Melt Your Belly Fat

- - - - - How To Quickly Lose Belly Fat

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Jumping the rope immediately makes you think about the time     http://Bruce Krahn’s...ly Breakthrough you were a kid and you had that rope you used to jump when you went out to play.

Jumping rope is the best cardio exercise. Yes, seriously, I mean it! It is the best cardio exercise. Think about it this way: It is a lot more effective to jump rope for 20 minutes than to run 20 minutes. It's almost two times as better! Let me convince you furthermore: Jumping rope can burn from 10 to 20 calories per minute depending on the intensity and your weight. That means 300-600 calories burnt in 30 minutes. Do I have your attention now? I'm sure I do.
It will make you more agile, improve your calve muscles, your endurance and will give your metabolism a boost.
I'll give you some notes here as well: Don't jump on a hard surface like concrete or asphalt. Use proper footwear. If you jump on a hard surface without any footwear in a week you'll probably feel your foot joints breaking apart. But there really isn't anything to worry about if you're wearing proper footwear and you're jumping in an adequate surface. Also, yeah, I have to say this or you bastards will sue me if anything happens to you, consult your doctor before attempting to start any type of physical exercise.







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